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Jeeback G5 Neck Massager 42℃ Constant Temperature Hot Compress Intelligent Sitting Posture Reminder Simulation Pulse Massage 6.0

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Jeeback G5 Neck Massager 42℃ Constant Temperature Hot Compress Intelligent Sitting Posture Reminder Simulation Pulse Massage 6.0


Product name: Chiropractic neck massager
Product number: G5
Enter: 5V 6W
Remote control adapter battery: AA battery
Lithium battery capacity: 1500mAh
Product Size: Length 142mm*Width 138mm* Height 80mm

Package Included:

1 x Neck Massager
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Data Cable
1 x Chinese Manual
Warranty x 1 year

Intelligent sitting posture reminder Simulation pulse massage Constant temperature hot compress
Huawei HI Link Smart Link Three-head wrap massage Hot compress

Honor Selection Eco Products

*Warm and stress-relieving neck massager
*Relieve cervical discomfort anytime, anywhere
*Intelligent sitting posture reminder
*Simulation pulse massage
*42℃ constant temperature hot compress

Redefining the new flagship of the neck protector

*Smart sitting reminder
*Simulation pulse massage 6.0
*Double-effect heat soothing
*Huawei HiLink Smart Link
*Three-head wrap massage
*Ergonomic design

Small Problem Big Danger

The neck is sore and stiff, is the danger signal of your neck
*Stay up late
*Work overtime
*Head down to play with phone

New generation massager

More than 1,000 tests, more than 600 user experience. And programmer’s personal experience, addressing the stinging problem of the previous generation. The pulse is more balanced and stable without drastic changes. Skin-friendly and more fit, fully wrapped to relieve pressure, new flagship for neck protection.

Professional equipment current waveform detection

*The sixth generation pulse massage, the waveform is stable and not easy to cause tingling.
*The waveforms of the previous generations have changed a lot and are prone to discomfort.

New upgrade Hard power

*Honor selection
*Eco Products
*Flagship function
*Sitting posture reminder
*Hot compress
*2 negative massage head
*1 positive massage head
*L-shaped design
*Floating massage head
*Fitting system
*Intelligent control module
*Wireless remote control
*One-button knob
*Smart App

Smart sitting posture reminder, correct sitting posture, protect the cervical spine

*Built-in multi-axis gyroscope, always remind you to sit upright and get rid of bad habits from the source.
*When the body is bent, the device will vibrate to remind.

Simulation pulse massage 6.0

*Relax tight muscles from the inside out.
*The neck massager adopts the intelligent micro-electric technology in the field of international sports rehabilitation.
*The 6th generation of microelectronics technology output waveform is more balanced and stable, crisp.
*Feel every muscle doing stretching exercises.
*8 levels of strength

Multiple modes, multiple strengths Take care of every need

*Simulation pulse massage simulates 4 major massage techniques, circulation, kneading, massage, Shiatsu.
*With 8 levels of intensity selection, there is always a set of settings suitable your cervical spine.
*Caring for the cervical spine is so simple.
*Stay up late for a long time, poor sleep quality. Massage before going to bed to sleep better.
*Mode 1: loop
Long office hours ,stiff neck. Wear it to work more vigorously.

*Mode 2: Kneading
Addicted to drama, tired neck. Wear it to enjoy the drama.

*Mode 3: Tuina
Head down to play games, neck sore. Put it on, easy to be the king.

*Mode 4: Shiatsu
1-3 gear

New fitting system

*All-round package fit, not easy to sting
*The new three-head floating massage head, the positive pole in the middle and the negative poles on both sides form an omnidirectional package
*No matter what the shaking, the positive and negative poles are ensured to be connected, with the L-shaped hanging design
*Solve the tingling sensation caused by the traditional U-shaped two ends.
*2 minus 1 positive massage head without offset shaking.
*L-shaped design does not catch the clavicle
*Suitable for floating massage head and big neck
*The working principle of 3 heads will not deviate from the electrode pad without tingling.
*The working principle of the 2 heads, shaking will deviate from the electrode pad and produce a tingling.

Constant temperature hot compress, dual-effect soothing

*As comfortable as a hot towel
*Accurately control the temperature at 42℃ in 3 seconds. The hot compress massage relieves neck discomfort.
*More intimate, turn on the heat compress function separately in autumn and winter to protect the cervical spine.
*It’s warm and comfortable.

📢📢📢APP Need Change the Region to China, And You Can Set Language to Your Common Language

Huawei Smart Life App

*Easily control all functions
*Adjust time/gear/mode
*Sitting posture Sitting posture detection on/off
*Favorites modes you like

3-Fold control, switch as you like

*App/Remote control/One key knob
*It can be operated by remote control or by mobile phone App. One-key knob of the fuselage is directly operated, triple operation, convenient and practical.
*Huawei HiLink Smart Link
*Remote control
*One button knob

Small and light, only about 162g

*Put it in your bag, ready to use
*Lightweight design with one-button knob control, suitable for multi-scene
*Wear it freely, and take care of fragmented time efficiently.
*Work break
*Home leisure

1 charge lasts 8 days

*Adapt to mainstream Type-C charging cables.
*In the non-heating mode. Use 2 times every day
15 minutes each time, can last 8 days.
*If the electrode pads are not keep the skin in contact and automatically stand by after 3 seconds. Automatically after 60 seconds of inactivity shut down to ensure safe use and save power.
*Automatic standby for 3 seconds without contact.
*Automatic shutdown after 60 seconds without operation.
*Type-C charging port



●Be sure to unplug the plug from the socket before using or cleaning the product.
●Do not throw the product into water or other liquids.
●If the product falls into the water accidentally during charging, please pull out the plug immediately, and do not directly touch and fall into the water.
●Do not use while driving, bathing, or showering.
●Do not use this product in gas stations, high dust workshops, gas and other flammable and explosive places.
●Do not use this product in humid, high temperature, high electromagnetic environment.
●This product contains lithium batteries and dry batteries. Please do not disassemble, modify or throw into the fire by yourself to avoid danger.


●When the wire or plug of the instrument is damaged, cannot work normally, is broken or falls into the water, please stop using.
●This product has a heating function, users who are not sensitive to heat sources or are prone to heat allergies, please be careful to use the heating function.
●Patients with pacemakers, artificial heart and lungs or other medical equipment should not use it.
●When your neck has injuries, redness, inflammation, congestion, or other unsuitable diseases, please do not use this product.
●Do not use this product near the mouth, eyes, head, genitals, and heart.
●Do not use it with other medical equipment or two or more of this product at the same time.
●If you feel unwell during or after use, please stop using this product immediately and consult a doctor.
●This product is a personal care product and cannot replace professional treatment and health care. If you have any questions or needs, please consult before using.
●This product is designed as a home electronic health care product, please do not use it for diagnosis or other commercial purposes way.


●Before using the instrument, please make sure that the electrode pads are tightly attached to the skin and evenly contacted.
●Before using this instrument, please tie up your hair and remove metal accessories such as necklaces and watches.
●This product is not waterproof, please do not wash it in water.
●This product has a heating function, the same part of the heating function for a long time (more than 30 minutes)It may cause low-temperature burns when possible.
●Do not use this product for a long time in the same area, otherwise it may cause the massage area physical discomfort.
●If you have one of the following conditions, please consult a doctor before use:
People who are pregnant, sick or in poor health.
Those in the postoperative recovery stage.
Patients who are undergoing treatment and feel abnormalities.
Patients with hypertension, heart disease, arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis.
Patients with high fever, malignant tumours and osteoporosis.
Patients with infectious diseases.
Patients with impaired skin perception or skin abnormalities.
Those who are uncertain about their health.
●This product cannot replace any medical treatment.
●Do not leave the product in front of unattended children.
●This product is not suitable for any patients or people who are incapable of operation.
●Do not allow children or persons with limited ability to use this product without adult supervision.

Twist: Massage intensity adjustment

1: There are 8 levels of intensity adjustment, the default is 0 level, the first time you turn on the knob, turn the knob clockwise to increase the intensity 1-8 levels, each time the intensity increases (a beep), and rotate counter clockwise to decrease the level (a beep),

2: First power-on: Turn counter clockwise to prompt twice to beep (but there will be no intensity change)

3: The 8th gear directly clockwise to the 8th gear, two beeps (the default state is 0 gear)

4: Each clockwise one division means an increase of 1 gear, and each counter clockwise means an increase of 1 gear;

Two: Button control: (press-down operation)

1: In the off state: long press for 3 seconds to turn on, and long press for 5 seconds to connect to the Bluetooth (the Bluetooth main body will have a prompt tone).
2: In the power-on state: short press the knob-mode switch, long press for 3 seconds-shutdown
3: Double-click the knob to control the constant temperature heating on and off (default heating after power on)

Three: Functional description of sitting reminder module

Built-in angle detection 3-axis gyroscope (MPU6050 chip 3-axis acceleration, 3-axis angle)
Inclination angle difference setting 25 °

Host single button operation
1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to enter the power-on state.
At that time, when the user’s body leans and exceeds the set angle difference, a vibration is prompted. It shows that the user’s body is tilted.

2. Press and hold for 2 seconds to shut down.

3. Press twice quickly and vibrate 3 times to enter the body angle reference value setting. When the adjustment is confirmed, press the button once to vibrate once. The angle value is memorized as the reference value. (Custom angle)

Four: Introduction to indicator lights

White indicator light flashes: the instrument is in standby state;
The white indicator light is always on: the working status of the instrument/fully charged;
Orange indicator light is always on: low battery (buzzer for 10 seconds) / charging;
Orange indicator light flashes: charging;
The blue indicator light flashes: the instrument is waiting to connect to the APP;
The blue indicator light is always on for 3s and then turns to white light: the instrument Bluetooth is connected to the APP;

Remote control introduction:

1: Turn on the key
2: M mode switch
3: + – Pulse intensity adjustment


Mode 1: Loop mode
Mode 2: Awakening mode
Mode 3: Vitality Mode
Mode 4: Gentle Mode

😊😊😊If the electrical stimulation is strong, it means your skin is too dry. Please moisten the skin on the neck area, or use it with a gel patch to get better experience


There are 8 strengths to choose from. The default is 1 gear, the higher the intensity, the stronger the massage (please increase the intensity to avoid discomfort caused by sudden increase in intensity).

How to use this product?

*Turn on the massager
1. Short press the rotary knob to turn on the massager. When the massager emits a power-on sound and the white indicator light flashes, the massager is already in standby.
2. Place the massager on the neck and adjust the position until the three electrode plates are in full contact with the skin (before use, please tie up your hair, remove the necklace, watch, and use a wet towel/paper towel to moisten the neck skin).

*Host knob
1.Turn the knob clockwise to start massaging, the white indicator light is always on, the default is 1 gear, the larger the rotation angle of the clockwise knob, the gear increases, and vice versa

Remote control

Long press the on/off button to turn on, the massager emits a power-on sound and the white indicator light flashes, press the “+” button to start the massage, the white indicator light is always on, the default is 1 gear, press the “M” button to select the mode you need, Press the “-” and “+” keys to decrease or increase the required velocity. Every time you switch the mode, velocity, or heating function, there will be a BI sound. If there is no BI sound, it means that the setting has not been successful. If you hear a BIBI sound during the key press , It means that the mode/velocity is already at the maximum/minimum value and cannot continue to increase/decrease.

Mobile APP

Bind the mobile app, connect to the massager via mobile Bluetooth and enter the function interface, click the corresponding icon to realize the function of the text description corresponding to the icon.

Note: The remote control can simultaneously control the massager when connected to the APP

Sitting reminder

At that time, when the user’s body leans and exceeds the set angle difference, a vibration is prompted. It shows that the user’s body is tilted.

Turn off the massager

The default use time of the massager is 15 minutes, and it will automatically stop working at the end of the time. If you need to turn it off manually, please press and hold the power button for 2 seconds until the indicator light goes out or press and hold the remote control on/off button to shut down.

About usage time

The default use time of the massager is 15 minutes, and it will automatically stop working when the time is over. When the massager is not worn and used normally when it is turned on, the massager will enter the standby state after 60 seconds, and the massager will automatically shut down if there is no other operation within 60 seconds of the standby state.

How to connect to mobile app?

1. Scan the QR code or open the app to download the app.

2. Press and hold the knob of the massager for more than 3 seconds, and release it after hearing the BI sound. At this time, the indicator light flashes blue. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth function and wait for connection.

3. Open the mobile APP and log in to the account, click on the “+” in the upper right corner to enter the add device interface.

4. Find and click G5 Chiropractic Neck Massager under the “Sports Health-Massager” category.

5. Complete the connection according to the prompts on the APP page. The indicator light flashes blue during the connection, and the indicator light is steady blue to indicate a successful connection. Click the corresponding icon to realize the function of the text description corresponding to the icon.

How to charge this product?

1. When the power of the massager is low, the indicator light flashes orange and emits a continuous BIBI sound. It will automatically shut down after 15 seconds.

2. Long press the knob key or long press the remote control on/off key to turn off the neck massager, and the indicator light goes out.

3. Insert the type-c charging cable into the charging port of the neck massager. Connect the other end to a USB port, one adapter, a computer, or other USB charging device. After the connection is successful, there will be a BI sound and an indicator light. The orange breathing light indicates that the massager is charging.

4. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge (the indicator light will be steady orange by then).

How to save this product?

1. Turn off the power and unplug the USB charging cable on the host.

2. Store the host and all accessories in the original box, or a safe, dry, and cool place.

3. To avoid breaking, please do not wind the USB charging cable around the host.

4. Avoid contact with sharp objects, so as not to scratch or pierce the fabric surface.

5. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the massager.

Daily cleaning and maintenance

1. Turn off the power, unplug the electrode line and USB charging line on the host.

2. Clean the surface with a soft damp cloth.

3. Do not clean the host in running water or other liquids.

4. Do not use cleaners, thinners and gasoline or other chemicals.

5. Do not store the host in high temperature, humidity or sun exposure.

What is the warranty?

1. The warranty service is the after-sales service for orders of Jeeback Official Store;
2. If you received manufacture faulty goods, you can apply for the warranty: Get the new package for free, no need to return the faulty one and 0 shipping fee;
3.Example: If a product has a 1-year warranty and the order generation date is January 1, 2021, the guarantee period will end on December 31, 2021;
4. Apply for warranty before left your comments of the order, malicious negative feedback will let you lost the warranty;
5. Will lost the warranty and be backlisted if deliberately destroying goods or providing false information

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How do you ship packages?

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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We provide free shipping to over 200 countries around the world. However, there are some locations we are unable to ship to. If you happen to be located in one of those countries we will contact you.

What about customs?

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If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out.


Order cancellation

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